What to visit in Cancun

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What to visit in Cancun

Dolphins Beach

This beach is well known in the city for its rough waves, the vast majority of visitors who like water sports like the south visit this beach around 7 am and until 6 am to enjoy intense waves generated by the currents of the Caribbean Sea.

Plaza la Isla

at 7 pm (usually the time when the sun goes down) the fashion harbour is an excellent place in which you can take pictures and appreciate the changes in warm tones of the sky in the course of just 20 minutes, the same spectacle that you can see from some of the restaurants that are on the dock.

Marina Town Center

This mall has a view of the lagoon and shops where you can get unique items, one of the advantages of this square is that it has an air balcony (Food Court) where you can enjoy your food from the heights with a quite pleasant and fresh atmosphere.

Garrafón Park

This park is crowded daily by thousands of tourists looking to do something completely different, some of the activities you will find in this park are

Hammock area

Temazcal test




This park is approximately one hour and seventeen minutes from the city, within which you can enjoy one of the most important attractions of all Mexico, the night of stars and the Mayan scenery that present step by step as it is that the Mayan culture developed ideas that in the long term would impact the most rooted Mexican traditions.

One of the most accomplished activities in this park is the tour in the lagoon by boat; this has an approximate duration of one hour and thirty minutes.

You will be able to enjoy in the same way the buffet that most of the times when hiring your package this one comes included and some of the varieties of the menu are

Food sea and land


Mexican style stews


This park has some fantastic views, which no doubt you have to see during your visit to Cancun.
Although this park and the previous are not precisely in the city, your one hour can become one of the best experiences you have if you decide to move from a more personalized.  A great example of this is search for a cancun shuttle, which will undoubtedly help you to make your journey to the adventure is the most personalized, in addition to the safety and comfort you will have during your tours either in town or on the road.

Ventura Park

Quite known and crowded by the inhabitants of the city, Ventura Park is one of the tourist attractions with more visitors to Diario de Cancun.

Some of the activities you can do in this park are the following.

Caribbean, river and Tarzania zip

escape challenge (the challenge of physical problems and abilities)

Freefall station


We recommend that you buy your tickets well in advance and preferably with a tourist assistant and not directly in the park, this way you will save a little money during your visit to these places.

One of the reasons why we recommend you hire a Cancun transportation service is because your experiences will merely be much simpler and without so many worries about your transportation

The contact of a reliable enough agency and with an exceptional service that you can take an option for your visit to the city is the following one:

Cancun Airport Transportation

Carretera Cancún -Tulum Km 22, Cancún, Q.R.

+52 998 898 4979

In the same way, we remind you to follow the instructions of your travel agent to the letter because the schedules and visits in these parks are quite strict.

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